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Powerleader Xinchuang Server VIP Customer Warranty Service Terms

Dear Customer:

Hello! Thank you for using Powerleader Computer System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Powerleader") Xinchuang server products. In order to provide you with better service support, Powerleadert has formulated this VIP customer warranty service terms.

Definition of VIP customer: VIP customer refers to the server application unit that can give Powerleader great market resources and influence. According to Boyd's reference standards, VIP customers will get a unique VIP customer number after approval, and Boyd will provide the following advanced service support within the validity period.

一、 Three-year 7X24-hour door-to-door service

From the date of your purchase (subject to the date of receipt of the Powerleader delivery note, if the date of receipt cannot be verified, the date of the server production serial number (S/N) identification shall prevail), Powerleader will provide the Powerleaderxin for your purchase. In case of hardware failure in the factory configuration of the server, the VIP customer warranty service listed in the attached table is provided.

Warranty period and service method:

Warranty Parts

warranty period

service method

Motherboard, CPU, enterprise-class hard disk, power supply, memory, network card, RAID card, HBA card, graphics card, SCSI backplane, hard disk module, CPU fan, various buttons outside the chassis, indicator lights, connectors in the chassis, various components in the chassis class cable

Three years (inclusive) from the date of purchase

Free door-to-door for three years (7×24) from the date of purchase

Surveillance hard drives, desktop hard drives

Two years (inclusive) from the date of purchase

Free door-to-door for two years (7×24) from the date of purchase

LCD monitor, mouse, keyboard, optical drive, floppy drive, LCD display, random CD, power cord

One year (inclusive) from the date of purchase

One year (7×24) free door-to-door from the date of purchase

Repair Replaced Parts

The warranty period of the machine (component) repaired by our company in various service agencies is the same as the original machine (component) warranty period. If it is less than three months from the end of the warranty period, the replaced parts will be guaranteed for three months from the date of replacement.

For specific service methods, please refer to the above terms of service

Parts added during the warranty period

The remaining warranty period of the server is 1 year, and the parts are provided with the same warranty period of the whole machine.

Free door-to-door service with the same age as the whole machine

The remaining warranty period of the server is < 1 year, and the parts are guaranteed for one year

Free door-to-door service with the same age as the whole machine

Replacement and additional parts are charged outside the warranty period

One year (inclusive) from the date of purchase

customer repair

Other parts not listed

Please consult our company directly

Please consult our company directly

Note: 1. The iron parts and chassis locks in the cabinet and the host chassis are not covered by the warranty.

2. Sending for repair: Refers to the user sending the faulty parts to the designated maintenance point of Powerleader for repair or replacement. After the repair or replacement is completed, the user will pick it up or send it back to Powerleader.

3. 7×24: refers to every Monday to Sunday, 0:00-24:00.

二、VIP Customer Service Commitment

1. VIP full-time service force

    At the location of the customer, Powerleader designates a fixed technical engineer to provide 7X24-hour service support, and the interface coordinates all service matters of the customer; Powerleader headquarters sets up a special VIP customer support team to provide higher-level technical support.

2. Half-hour response, 4-hour door-to-door service

During the free warranty period, the Powerleader technical support service organization will contact you within half an hour after receiving your repair request to determine the maintenance matters. The network city provides 4-hour door-to-door service. If there is no local Powerleader technical service organization, On-site service requires additional travel time.

The above service time limit may be affected by traffic and weather or other uncontrollable factors, the technical engineer will actively negotiate with you on-site service time.

3. Special spare parts warehouse for VIP customers

In order to improve the response speed of hardware troubleshooting, after negotiating with VIP customers, Powerleader will establish a dedicated spare parts warehouse in the corresponding after-sales technical support center; the type and quantity of spare parts will be based on the type and quantity of products purchased by VIP customers. Reserve the vulnerable parts and serve the VIP customer exclusively.

4. Information feedback within 24 hours

For the maintenance information of VIP customers, Powerleader will promptly notify the relevant information to the customer by email, fax or telephone within 24 hours, so as to ensure that the customer can know the maintenance progress and results in time.

5. Service upgrade

If the fault is not resolved within the promised time limit, it will be upgraded to a designated higher-level interface person to coordinate resources and propose a solution to the problem within 2 hours.

6. Accessories upgrade

    If the parts that need to be replaced are out of stock, Powerleader will replace the parts with better performance for customers free of charge.

7. Technical information sharing and technical training

    Powerleader will regularly distribute relevant information about the advanced technical support of Xinchuang server to relevant technical personnel of customers, and will invite relevant technical personnel of customers to participate in the training of Powerleader Xinchuang certified engineers every year.

8. Maintenance history query

In order to facilitate the analysis and statistics of VIP customers, VIP customers have the right to query their maintenance history in the Powerleader after-sales service management system.

三、special reminder

1. After-sales service confirmation procedure

When the Powerleader technical support department serves you, please prepare the purchase invoice, warranty certificate and machine serial number corresponding to the faulty machine. If you cannot present any warranty certificate such as the purchase invoice, warranty certificate or machine serial number corresponding to the faulty machine, Powerleader has the right not to provide warranty services.

2. Extension of warranty period

Xinchuang server products repaired by Powerleader technical support department will continue to enjoy the VIP customer warranty service commitment during the warranty period. If the free warranty period is less than three months from the date of repair, Powerleader promises to extend the free warranty service period to three months from the date of repair. At that time, please produce a valid Powerleader maintenance record.

3. Data backup

Before any maintenance or upgrade service, the customer must take regular and prudent measures to back up the system to prevent the loss of important data. Powerleader is not responsible for the loss of data and computer programs during the use and maintenance of the equipment.

4. The situations mentioned below are not included in the scope of maintenance services. (Powerleader does not provide maintenance services)

1. Failure or damage caused by incompatibility between non-Powerleader products and Powerleader systems.

2. Failure or damage caused by irregular operation that is not mentioned or recognized in the documentation.

3. Failure or damage caused by direct or indirect unavoidable reasons or force majeure (such as natural disasters, wars, etc.).

4. Failure or damage due to vibration, collision, accidental drop, etc.

5. Failure or damage caused by the user's operating environment (such as high temperature, vibration, dust, and oil).

6. Machine failure or damage caused by installation, repair, modification or disassembly by non-Powerleader authorized institutions and personnel.

7. Capacitors and chips are broken down and burned.

8. The data on the storage device is changed or lost.

5. Explanation and Explanation

· This VIP customer warranty service commitment applies to VIP customers who sell, purchase and use Powerleader Xinchuang server products within the territory of the People's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). When you purchase the product, all non-Powerleader parts installed by the seller are guaranteed by the seller; if the seller makes a commitment other than this warranty to you or you and the Powerleader product seller provide after-sales maintenance services for the product If it is otherwise agreed in the plan, Powerleader will not be liable;

· This VIP customer warranty service commitment is in accordance with national laws and regulations. If the laws and regulations of the country change, Powerleader will provide you with after-sales service in accordance with national laws and regulations; Powerleader will assume corresponding responsibilities according to its contract with you and the relevant national laws and regulations;

· If you have other service requirements beyond this warranty, please choose Powerleader's personalized service products.

· This commitment is only applicable to Baldwin servers produced after January 1, 2019 (inclusive).

· The above service information is subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the external announcements issued by Powerleader on the website and other places. Powerleader reserves the right of final interpretation.

Disputes arising from these terms of service shall be resolved through equal negotiation between Powerleader and the customer; if the negotiation fails, it shall be adjudicated by the people's court where Powerleader is located.

6. Powerleader service support system

Powerleader Service Network Hotline: 4008-870-872

Powerleader service website:

Service mailbox:

Service Complaint Tel: 0755-27521911-8022

Mailing address: Building A, Mingguang Zhichuang Park, 2025, No. 14, Rongfu Road, Jutang Community, Fucheng Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen Powerleader Service Network

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