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Powerleader Product Recycling Instructions

Powerleader is committed to realizing the recycling of resources. We recycle, dismantle and extract the electronic waste in your hands, so that the electronic waste can be recycled and reused to the maximum extent.

Recycle with confidence

We will completely degassed the storage media in electronic waste, clear data, and deal with physical destruction to ensure that your personal data is not leaked.

*Reminder: Before you put electronic waste into the recycling bin, please back up and delete your personal data. Powerleader recycling partners are not responsible for the loss of any files or data

Professional dismantling

Powerleader has reached a sense of cooperation with institutions with dismantling capabilities, and dismantles through professional institutions.

Environmentally friendly treatment

Raw materials such as copper, cobalt salts/iron, aluminum, copper sand, tree wax powder, and plastics are separated from electronic waste after environmental protection treatment, and put into reuse to give them new life.

Recycling range

Powerleader brand waste servers, storage, industrial computers, all-in-one computers, desktops, monitors, notebooks and other electronic equipment and accessories.