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PowerLeader One-socket Server PR1280S

The PR1280S is a single-socket high-performance department-level server. It is designed with Intel® C232 Series Chipsets and offers the Intel® Xeon® E3-1200V5/V6 Series Processors. It supports up to 64GB of memory capacity, 3 x 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch SATA hard disks. And the PowerLeader PR1280S can flexibly expand one PCI-E device. It is suitable for small and medium-sized network applications of small and medium-sized enterprises and users in education, government, military, postal service, railway, finance and other industries. This server can be used as e-mail server, WEB server, gateway, small and medium-sized database application server, print server, etc. It is the best choice for enterprise information construction, e-government, campus information, etc.

The PR1280S, PowerLeader single-socket S series servers with 4 cores, is a department-level single-socket server with brand-new bus architecture supporting original Xeon 4-core E3-1200V5/V6 processor. It is designed with Intel DMI GEN3 technology with faster transmission rate, higher bit width and transmission bandwidth. And it offers DDR4 memory with single-chip bit width and more optimized frequency and power consumption.

Functional Characteristics
Xeon® E3-1200V5/V6 Series 4-core Technology

Supports the third generation of hyper-threading technology, with up to 8 threads at 4 cores;

Supports virtualized device input/output(VT-D)----Increasing the virtualization of device input/output on thebasis of virtualized CPU could effectively improve the performance andefficiency of virtual machines.

Turbo Boost 2Intelcores accelerates dynamically, which could be turned on, turned off andaccelerated as required.

Support SSE 4.1/4.2, AVX 2.0 instruction set;

The design of Cache---adopts three-level all-inclusive cache design, andthe design of L1 is the same as that of Core micro-architecture; L2 is designedwith ultra-low latency, and each core is 256KB; L3 adopts shared design, whichmeans all cores on the chip are shared.

IntegratedMemory Controller (IMC), which is moved from chipset to CPU chip, supportsmulti-channel DDR4 memory. Compared with the previous generation, IMC makes thememory read delay greatly reduced, and the memory bandwidth is greatlyimproved, up to three times.

Fast Track---DMI Bus

DMI is a point-to-point connection technologyinstead of Front Side Bus (FSB). DMI adopts serial mode as signal transmission,and adopts LVDS signal technology (low voltage differential signal technology,which is mainly used for high speed digital signal interconnection, so thatsignals can be transmitted at a rate of more than several hundred Mbps). The DMIis characterized by reliability, practicability and applicability, which guaranteesthe high availability of DMI. Every connection of 20-bit wide DMI has anamazing bandwidth up to 25.6GB per second, which is far from that of FSB.

Virtualization technology (VT)

Supports virtualized device input/output (VT-d)---Increasingthe virtualization of device input/output based on virtualized CPU couldeffectively improve the performance and efficiency of virtual machines. Itprovides a powerful guarantee for server integration, migration of originaldata and security.

Configuration on demand

it provides the best configuration choice accordingto the actual needs of users.

High availability

It supports multi-threading and multi-taskingmode in conjunction with the Hyper Threading technology of processor. The IMC providesa highly selectable memory solution. IRST(RAID 0/1/10/5) function is provided,which meets the requirements of the system for hard disk security on the onehand, and considers the cost requirements of users on the other hand.Integrated with Intel server-class dual 1000M network adapters, it supportslink aggregation and binding redundancy functions, and is suitable for variousapplication requirements.

High system scalability

Supports Intel®Xeon® E3-1200V5/V6 Series 4-Core  Processors; 4 DIMM memory slots could support up to 64GB Unbuffer DDR4memory, and the standard system could support up to 3 SATA hard disk expansionbits.

Array cards are added to support SAS hard disks;it provides a PCI-E interface; and it provides users with expansion space.

Cost-effective solutions

The PR1280S is designed with a 4-core server main board based on Intel®C232 chipsets, and supports 1 xIntel® Xeon® Series Processor with LGA1151 L3 cache of 8MB. The processor integrated memory controller supports 2400/2133MHz UDIMM per channel, and supports up to 64GB ECC dual-channel DDR4 4UDIMM. Serial ATA ⅲ hard disk supporting 6.0Gb/s could transmit data up to 600M/s. It integrates IRSTe RAID, supports low-cost RAID 0, 1, 10, in which high-reliability RAID5 (only windows OS) are supported to improve data processing performance and protect data, and integrates 2 x gigabit Intel server network card, which is a very suitable information bearing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Advanced chassis design process

Intelligent cooling system is adopted to effectively reduce noise pollution and create a constant temperature space of the box body. In addition, it is designed by Fully shielded, anti-electromagnetic, anti-interference and anti-static (EMI).

Application Environment

As a technology-leading single-socket 4-core workgroup server, PR1280S is suitable for small and medium-sized network applications of small and medium-sized enterprises and users in education, government, military, postal service, railway, finance and other industries. This server could be used as e-mail server, WEB server, gateway, small and medium-sized database application server, etc. And it is the best choice for enterprise information construction, e-government, campus information, etc.

Technical Specifications

Technical Characteristic


Xeon® E3-1200V5/V6 Series LGA 1151 CPU


Intel® C232 Chipset Plaftorm Controller Hub (PCH)

Intel®DMI speed



DDR4 ECC/ Unbuffered(UDIMM)2400/2133MHzRAM,supports up to 64GB

Memory error detection

Correct single-bit errors and detect double-bit errors.

Disk drives

Supports 3 x 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch non-hot-plug hard disks


Supports RAID 0,1,10,5 (Only Windows)




A thin optical drive with SATA interface.

PCI expansion

3 x PCI expansion slots

1*PCI-E3.0*8(x4); 1*PCI-E3.0*8; 1*PCI-E3.0*16(X8)port

Network Card

Integrates InteI210-AT 2 Gigabit High-Speed Ethernet Server Card


Integrates BMC module, supports IPMI2.0, provides a 10/100 Mbps RJ45 management network port, integrates KVM, and supports remote management.


Usb, compatible with Usb1.1.


Usb, compatible with Usb1.1.

Expansion Performance

Expansion Slots

Supports a PCI-E device(1*PCI-E3.0 x8)

Internal device interface

1 USBType A port, 1 x USB 2.0 pin interface with 2 x 5 pin (transferring 1 ports to 2), 6 x SATA3.0 6Gbps interfaces and 1 x serial port.

External device interface

1 x VGA display interface, 6 x USB interfaces (front panel: 2xUSB2.0, rear panel: 2 x USB2.0 and 2 x USB3.0), 2 x network interfaces, 1 x COM and 1 x remote management port.

Strict system certification


Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition R2 SP1


windows server 2012R2


Red Hat* Enterprise Advanced Server 6.8 _x86 64bit


Red Hat* Enterprise Advanced Server 7.1_x86  64bit


Red Hat* Enterprise Advanced Server 7.2_x86  64bit


Red Hat* Enterprise Advanced Server 7.3_x86  64bit


SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 sp4_x86    64bit


SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 sp2_x86 64bit


Ubuntu 15.10

Environmental specifications


10–35°C (50–95°F) while operating;

-40 - 70°C(-40 - 158°F) while in storage, according to the surroundings.

Relative humidity

95% RH while in storage, non-condensing between 25 and 30°C


While operating, the sound pressure is less than50dBA in the lateral position; while idle, the sound intensity is 6.2BA at ambient temperature <28°C

Static electricity

Each Intel Environmental Temperature Test Specification is 15KV

Safety Standard


Power supplies

Power supplies

300W special for Servers

AC voltage / frequency

100~240V/60/50Hz 6~3A


1.0~ 15A




0~ 0.5A





Chassis Structure

Form factor

1U rack (with frame accessories)


44 mm (1.73 inch)


430 mm (16.93 inch)


487 mm (19.17 inch)


around 17kg (37.48 lb)

Services & Supports

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